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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Global Soap Project: September IMPACTOR

The Global Soap Project improves and saves lives one bar of soap at a time by sanitizing, melting and remolding used soap into new bars for distribution to African refugee camps.

As an Uganda refugee, GSP founder Derreck Kayongo understands firsthand the living conditions of refugee camps and the unnecessary deaths due to the lack of clean water and sanitary conditions.

With the hospitality industry discarding 2.6 million used bars of soap per day, there is a tremendous supply available to the GSP for their soap production. Derrick’s passion and drive mobilizes the hotel and lodging industry to send used soap to GSP instead of the landfill, a double win!

To date GSP has received over 20 tons of soap from their hotel partners across the nation and has distributed an estimated 20,000 news bars of soap to Haiti, Swaziland, Kenya and Uganda. Currently, 10,000 bars of soap are in production for Ghana.

CALL TO ACTION: Whenever possible, educate those employed at hotels or other lodging facilities about GSP and encourage the property to participate in the double win program. Our collective voice is powerful and the time is NOW to verbalize our sustainability commitment.

Visit the IMPACTOR page to learn more about the importance of delivering soap to refugee camps.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ei Board and Advisory Council Member, Debby Cannon featured Elemental Impact in her article Shades of Green, Innovations in Foodservice Sustainability published in the September, 2010 issue of Restaurant Forum, The Official Publication of the Georgia Restaurant Association. In the article, Debby validates the foodservice industry's commitment to sustainability by the tremendous response to the Compost:The Quiet Hero session presented by Holly Elmore, Ei CEO,at the May, 2010 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

Ei's focus on soil rejuvenation receives it's media debut in the article. How exciting as several important projects relating to the soil and nutrition are in the planning stages with fall announcements anticipated. Stay tuned and get involved!