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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ei Blogs Attract Strong Global Readership

The combined readership of the two Elemental Impact Blogs is nearing the coveted 200K pageviews milestone!  With current 138K pageviews, the Zero Waste in ACTION Blog surpassed the 75K, 100K and 125K readership milestones in 2013. On February 05, 2014, The IMPACT Blog reached the 50K pageviews benchmark.

For most of the milestone achievements, a blog article published commemorating the powerful Ei cyberspace network consisting of the Ei Facebook page, Ei FB albums, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest and the Ei website. An in-depth Ei cyberspace network overview is documented within The IMPACT Blog article, Elemental Impact Yr Three in Review - Amazing!, under the Ei Communication section.

In February 2013 the ZWA Blog article, ZWA Blog Hits 75,000 Pageviews!, celebrates the milestone with examples of the valuable role LinkedIN plays in developing long-term, substantial relationships. When the ZWA Blog surpassed 100K pagviews in July 2013, the ZWA Blog article, ZWA Blog: A Powerful Industry Resource & Voice, chronicles Ei's evolution from a zero waste cheerleader to current work in Recycling Refinement, moving beyond landfill diversion. Below is an excerpt from the article:
Authored by Elemental Impact, the ZWA Blog articles document the evolution of zero waste from concept to emerging industry standard, tell the story of zero waste pioneers and warriors who shifted paradigms in materials management, and shine light on fallacies within accepted recycling practices. 
Validating the ZWA Blog as a powerful industry voice, Ei serves as media sponsor for prominent industry conferences via published blog articles along with supporting Ei FB albums:
In 2013, the Ei Blogs evolved to on-line magazines as most posts are in-depth articles with readership continuing long after publication. For the ZWA Blog, several of the all-time most popular articles are:
With a total of 295 blog articles, the ZWA Blog to date played the stronger role in creating Ei's powerful cyberspace voice. This article marks the 112th article published on The IMPACT Blog. Note the average per article pageview is 467 for The ZWA Blog and 464 for The IMPACT Blog - impressive how similar!

Another common ground among the blogs is the global readership: roughly 65% of the readership for both blogs is from the United States. The remaining 35% of the readers are scattered throughout the globe. 

The IMPACT Blog article, Ei Emerges from a Metamorphosis, introduces Ei's three new platforms:
With templates under development in each platform, a surge in The IMPACT articles will document important work in areas other than material management.

Scott filming Preston Fletcher
of FreshPoint
A strong cyberspace presence requires collaborative effort. In addition to engaging the various tools available, working in tandem with Ei Partners, Supporters and Strategic Allies is essential to driving traffic. Cyberspace promotion and tag teaming is a recent phenomena; education on how to promote in a virtual world is often necessary for success.  

In April 2013 The IMPACT Blog article, A Powerful Cyberspace Voice: A Creation Guide, was published in celebration of achieving the combined 100K pageviews milestone. The Guide gives Six Rules to follow with final one the most important: be a renegade, share your passion and let go of what others say "should or should not be done."

Thank you to the U.S. Composting Council, U.S. Zero Waste Business Council, Container Recycling Institute, CleanRiver, Heritage Interactive ServicesNovelis, Orwak, Affairs to Remember, Grease Lock Filters, and the Georgia World Congress Center for playing well with Ei in cyberspace. In addition, Southeast Green and the Mississippi Recycling Coalition often publishes Ei articles in their daily news releases. 

Recognizing the Ei Blogs as press worthy, many organizations list articles on their site in the published press section.

In late 2013 Ei produced its first video: Fresh Point Plastic Film Recovery. Ei Chair Scott Seydel filmed | edited the video with Ei founder Holly Elmore playing the producer role. The Ei FB album, Plastic Film Recycling: building a city-wide network, gives a pictorial recap of the fun morning filming on location at FreshPoint

Lynn Dyer of FPI with
Jim Lanier of Earth Farms
With her camera in-hand, Holly records visual recaps of conferences, meetings and work-in-progress in still pictures. The Ei FB page includes over 100 well-documented albums, which serve as a valuable industry resource. Recently, the Foodservice Packaging Institute included an Ei picture in the Foodservice Packaging Recovery Case Study: Earth Farm Organics, part of the Foodservice Packaging Recovery Toolkit. Several folks use Ei pictures for their profile pictures on LinkedIN and other social media sites.

Ei maintains an active Twitter account with momentum building in followers. Committed to "playing well" in cyberspace, Ei ensures approximately 40% of the tweets promote Ei Partner, Supporter and Strategic Ally successes along with industry news.

At the foundation of the Ei cyberspace presence is the Ei website. Ready for a re-launch later this year, the site is updated on a regular basis to reflect Ei's tagline Sustainability in ACTION. In the last weeks, site visits increased at an impressive pace.

In each Ei Newsletter published five to six times per year, the following copy is included to encourage readers joining the Ei network:

Ei is the hub of an influential network and invites YOU to join:
Due to technical challenges, the active link is in the "like" etc instead of the graphic.

With a substantial cyberspace nucleus built, Elemental Impact's powerful industry presence and voice continues to garner global respect as a leader who creates solutions to challenging circumstances grounded in solid business sense.