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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ei: Respected Journalism

UPDATE: On December 17 the Zero Waste in ACTION  Blog surpassed the 300,000 pageviews milestone; on July 17 the blog surpassed 350,000 views!

In 2016 Elemental Impact (Ei) segued from a valuable media and industry resource into respected environmental journalism. A few years earlier press interview inquiries validated Ei as recognized industry media. ... and then the prominent invitation arrived in early November:
The U.S. State Department invited Ei to join the invitation-only COP22 preview press conference call. Journalists from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times were among the respected, mainstream media on the call.
In June Ei Founder Holly Elmore, author of the Ei blogs, launched as home to the Fingertip Press. When she publishes a blog article, Holly writes a Facebook post beginning with “PREVIEW: Hot off the Fingertip Press an article …” Thus, the Fingertip Press evolved into Holly’s nomenclature for her published articles, documents and other written communication.

The Ei Blogs - The IMPACT and Zero Waste in ACTION (ZWA), gained significant readership momentum as 2016 came to a close with monumental milestones surpassed. On December 12 the IMPACT topped 100,000 views and the ZWA is mere days away from the coveted 300,000 views milestone as of this article publishing.

Along with the Ei Blogs, the Fingertip Press page features published articles in third-party magazines and industry documents prepared by Ei. The Fingertip Press was busy in the fall with the following recently published material.

Zero Waste Makes Good Business & Environmental Sense was the lead September | October, 2016 Pallet Central issue article featured on the front cover. Pallet Central is published by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association and distributed to approximately 6,500 members and industry colleagues. The Fingertip Press wrote the article on behalf of the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council in Ei's role as Official Media Partner.

The ZWA Blog article, Zero waste moves from "best" to standard operating practices, gives an article overview along with a synopsis of the Inside Supply Management's October 2016 cover article Full Circle featuring several quotes from Holly.

In November The Comparative Case Study: Plastic Film Recycling at Two Simon Malls prepared by Ei on behalf of the Wrap Recycling Action Program, an American Chemistry Council Plastic Film Recycling Group program, was officially released at the 2016 Annual Ei Partner Meeting. The case study is listed in the Fingertip Press' Industry Documents section.

The ZWA Blog article, Comparative Case Study: Plastic Film Recycling at Two Simon Malls, announces the case study release along with an overview of the plastic film recycling program development.

In honor of the ZWA Blog's 250,000 views March milestone, the Ei Blogs: respected media & valuable industry resources article published to celebrate strong readership and acknowledge teamwork necessary to build the solid foundation. In addition, the article details interesting reader analytics.

Below is a quick blog stats overview:

The IMPACT Blog:

  • 100,600 pageviews
  • 120 published articles
  • Average 838 pageviews per article
  • Most popular article: Ei New Mission Statement (12/12) 2,845 views

The Zero Waste in ACTION Blog:

  • 298,300 pageviews
  • 336 published articles
  • Average 888 pageviews per article
  • Most popular article: Reduce First, Donate Second, Compost Third (02/11) 14,400 views; 1,190 views in last month
As Ei enters a new era of impact, the blogs play a powerful role in sharing the important work. The intent is to recognize industry pioneers and inspire others to embark on their sustainable journeys, whether in their professional or personal lives.

The U.S. State Department's press conference invitation validates Ei's respected voice as an industry journalist, with far-reaching impact into mainstream media. As a new year arrives it is gratifying witness Ei blossom into the role of a mature industry expert and leader.