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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An Angel NOT in Disguise

Monica Pearson and John Pruitt with Angel
Angels enter our lives in simple forms and then amaze us with their miraculous feats. Angel Poventud is an  amazing individual who lives up to his name and inspires us mere humans to live up to our Divine potential.  Gifted with an abundance of energy, Angel volunteers 20- 30 hours per week (yes, this is per week) of his spirit to Atlanta communities in projects destined for environmental impact.

A man of ACTION, Angel prefers not to spend his time in meetings. Angel loves to work/play with comrades creating a better place to live using their physical labor to deliver community gifts. At one of his first Trees Atlanta projects in the Summer Hills neighborhood near Turner Field, Angel was impressed by the integrated spirit expressed with the array of volunteers including professionals, neighbors, and veteran volunteers.  Around 40 trees were planted in the neighborhood cul-de-sac and Angel was hooked by the magnitude of immediate impact.

With his beloved Grandmother providing the foundation of unconditional love, Angel understands the incredible possibilities when one lives from the power of the Heart.  Growing up under the envelope of Expressed Love, Angel feels free to explore his passions and created a life filled with devotion to community spirit.

With honor, Ei designates Angel Poventud The December IMPACTOR.  Refer to the Ei IMPACTOR page for additional antidotes where Angel's phenomenal spirit is exhaled with appreciation.

Earlier this month, Cox Enterprises honored Angel as the the Cox Conserves Hero for his unwavering devotion to community via his volunteer efforts to Trees Atlanta, the Atlanta BeltLine and other deserving projects.  Angel gifted his $5,000 award to Trees Atlanta.  Click here to view the fantastic video featuring Angel and his Community Spirit.

For Angel, his tremendous devotion to Community is the expression of his Spirit.  At times he seems perplexed by the appreciation and awards bestowed.  Maybe, just maybe, Angel is the forerunner to the human race that lives from the HEART rather from the Mind or Need.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ideas for Holiday Giving

This holiday season support area businesses by giving items made from the heart by local artisans.  Amazing gifts await ranging from gourmet food sensations, splurges for the body and delightful spirits from local vintners.  Lists with website links are available at the Organics Consumer Organizations' Georgia Beauty Page.  All Y'Alls Wine & Gourmet Market has a delectable selection on their The Local Yokel's page.  If you are in the Roswell area, consider stopping by their shop located at 590 Mimosa Blvd., Suite 110 for some holiday treats with local flair.

Ties that Matter adds the social responsibility angle to seasonal gifts.  Providing employment to underprivileged women, Ties that Matter uses re-purposed ties as the base for unique handbags, pillows and other fun items.  Click here for their on-line shopping.

 How about a gift that keeps on giving?  The Atlanta Community Food Bank has a wonderful holiday program where you may purchase a gift on behalf of a loved one that gives back to the community.  Click here for the gift options.