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Monday, September 26, 2011

BIG Facts in a Little Book

A well-used  Factbook
Did you know the restaurant-industry share of the food dollars is 49%, up from 25% in 1955?  How about  $1.7 Billion is spent in restaurants on a typical day ?  The National Restaurant Association's 2011 Pocket Fact Book is filled with impressive stats about the power of the nation's second largest private sector industry.

In partnership with the NRA, Elemental Impact works with the foodservice industry as a catalyst to develop sustainable best practices for the corporate community.  While post-consumer food residual collection for composting is unique to the foodservice industry, most Ei initiatives are common across varying industries. For example, Recycling Integrity (maintaining maximum material value with minimal energy expended) practices apply across the board to all industries and consumers as well.

Restaurant employees
are everyday community
With 12.8 million employed in the restaurant industry in 2011 (projected), incorporating sustainable operating practices into restaurants by nature trains nearly 10% of consumers on earth-friendly habits they may take home with them.  The approximately 960,000 nationwide locations contribute to the local economy in the form of property taxes, wages paid to community residents and purchasing from local and regional vendors.  

Every $1 spent in a restaurant generates $2.05 spent in the economy at large - sounds like an easy, delicious way to stimulate the economy is to increase restaurant dining!

Check out this powerful little book filled with BIG facts - understand the far reaching impact when the nation's second largest industry embraces sustainable practices.  Elemental Impact and the Zero Waste Zones are honored to work in partnership with the NRA on making a difference in the world we share.