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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ei Team Expands, Evolves

Heading into our third year committed to Sustainability in Action, Elemental Impact is embarking on an era where prior planning sets the stage for ACTION.  The ZWZ Blog posts, 2011 Planning = 2012 ACTION, and Atlanta Airport SFCI Pilot ACTION, give an overview of the necessary steps accomplished for projects to move into action phases.

Elisabeth Marchal
To ground our important work with strong organizational skills, Elisabeth Marchal joins the Ei Team as Administrator. Elisabeth brings depth in computer, technical and administrative skills garnered during her 20+ year tenure with The Seydel Companies.  It is an honor to welcome Elisabeth to th Ei Team as a valuable contributor to our important work.

Working closely with the Ei Communication Committee championed by CleanRiver, Elisabeth is overhauling the Ei website to chronicle projects, programs and pilots in a concise, clean and easy-to-follow format.  Announcements are scheduled once the overhaul is complete.

With the National Restaurant Association taking a leadership role in the Zero Waste Zones program in 2012, Susan Montgomery expands her Ei role from ZWZ Program Director to overall Ei Program Director.  A Certified Project Management Professional, Susan uses her excellent skills, garnered while obtaining her MBA and in corporate employment, to organize and move action forward  in an effective manner.  Susan is the perfect complement to Ei founder Holly Elmore's entrepreneurial fire.
Ei Team - Elisabeth, Holly,
Susan & Scott

Ei Chair Scott Seydel is integral to Ei's success with his active participation in programs.  Always available to share his wisdom, Scott plays a key role in Ei's commitment to ACTION.  Thank you Scott - the team honors and appreciates you!  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

EcoManor - Perfect Venue for WNSF Luncheon

Karen, Lisa & Laura
photo courtesy of Trio Media Group
Zero Waste Zones Chair Laura Turner Seydel hosted the Women's Network for a Sustainable Future - Atlanta Chapter luncheon meeting at her Gold LEED certified home, the EcoManor.  Prior to the program, the at-capacity crowd enjoyed social time and a wonderful lunch catered by ZWZ Participant Radial Cafe.  

A wide range of impressive female leaders in sustainability made the WSNF luncheon a schedule priority.  From top corporate executives including Susan Bell, Ernst & Young's Atlanta Office Managing Partner, and Letty Ashworth, Delta's General Manager of Global Diversity, to impressive graduate students to entrepreneurial pioneers building amazing businesses including Doria Roberts and Calavino Donali, owners of Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites.  In the post program open dialogues, the group diversity magnified the power of women taking leadership roles in sustainability.

Susan, Leesa Carter, Laura & Karen
Lisa Spiro, WNSF President & Oxygen Capital President, traveled from Manhattan to give opening remarks for the inspiring program. After Lisa's remarks and introductions, Karen Flanders, WNSF Board Member, facilitated a relaxed program by asking Laura a series of pertinent questions.  For those out of generation sync with Captain Planet, it was wonderful to learn about Captain Planet's creation and evolution into the tremendous impact made by the Captain Planet Foundation.  With Karen's guiding questions, Laura shared the weave of her sustainability commitment, influence and action, rooted in the culture of her upbringing.

As a committed program chair, Laura asked Holly Elmore, ZWZ Director & Elemental Impact founder, to give a snapshot of the impressive recent activity at the Atlanta Airport, the first Sustainable Food Court Initiative Pilot.  Thank you Laura!  

Letty Ashworth speaking
photo courtesy of Trio Media Group
The final portion of the program was opened up for sharing by the group.  With the relaxed, yet professional meeting tone, the crowd was eager to ask questions and tell their experiences.  At Laura's urging, Letty told the story of how one of Delta's recycling programs provided funding for projects based in social responsibility teamed with Habitat for Humanity.  It was inspiring to witness young women speaking, possibly their first time to a crowd, about action instigated by following their heart's passion.

Meeting success was evidence of the vital role WNSF plays in recognizing and nurturing the powerful role woman play in our sustainable future.  The diversity of accomplished leaders, along with those beginning their professional explorations, exemplifies the WNSF strength and importance.