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Monday, April 25, 2011

Green Business Practices, Profitable Business Practices

Restaurant Forum's April issue, the annual Green Issue, is a valuable resource, especially for foodservice operators hesitant to travel down green brick road.  

Managing editor Christy Simo's article, Cook Up Some Savings.  How Your Restaurant - Yes, Yours! - Can Save the World While Saving You Money, is superb.  With Patrick Cuccaro of Affairs to Remember (Zero Waste Zone - Caterers Champion!) and Tad Mitchell of Six Feet Under sharing their experiences, Christy weaves an easy path to follow with simple suggestions for immediate and longer term action.  The emphasis is on how regular maintenance and paying attention are key to running a less wasteful, more profitable business.

See the Zero Waste Zone Blog Post, Collaborating for Zero Waste, about the Restaurant Forum article on the National Restaurant Association's national collaboration with Elemental Impact.  The ZWZ Blog post, ZWZ Garners National Support, gives the details of the NRA collaboration announcement at the ZWZ Two-Year Anniversary February, 2011 press conference.

Thank you Restaurant Forum for your powerful issue and understanding the importance of educating on how going green and operating a successful, profitable business are synonymous.

Visit the NRA Conserve site for more information how going green is simple, easy and makes good business sense.

IFSS: Taking the Gray Out of Green

International Foodservice Sustainability SymposiumWith Chris Moyer of the NRA Conserve Program teaming with Kendall College, the International Foodservice Symposium is an excellent opportunity for the seasoned foodservice operator  to take their sustainable practices to the next dimension.  IFSS is held on May 24 & 25 in Chicago immediately following the NRA 2011 Show.
Here is official copy:
Take the "gray out of green" by attending the first-ever International Foodservice Sustainability Symposium (IFSS). Hear from some of the world´s leading experts as they tackle today´s most complex issues in sustainability. You´ll learn about emerging technologies, alternative energy, green building and perhaps the most highly nuanced subject of all – FOOD!
Speaking of food, what is the definition of sustainable food? Is it local? Is it organic? Is it biodynamic? Could it even be conventional agriculture? Hear from pioneers in sustainable agriculture as the issues are debated by some of the world´s leading minds in the field.
At IFSS, you can expect new insights. You can expect passionate discussion. You can expect spirited debate. You can expect to leave knowing far more about these issues than when you arrived and with lots of food for thought. What you CAN’T expect is another mundane conference.
The IFSS, supported two of the most credible voices in sustainability, co-founding sponsors Kendall College and the National Restaurant Association, will be an event that will drive discussion and sustainability progress for a long time to come.