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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Power of POWER

POWER = Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling

Last fall the Green Foodservice Alliance hosted the first two POWER meetings to great enthusiasm with attendees flying in from around the country to participant in education and lively dialogue surrounding the highest good use of perishable organics. The crowd was a solid mix of private enterprise, non-profits and government, local, state & federal.

With the formation of Elemental Impact in early 2010, POWER moved under the Ei umbrella to develop the structure and a foundation to take POWER into ACTION. One of the first steps was to form the POWER Steering Committee that meets on a regular basis to give direction to our focus. Subcommittees, such as the Technical Committee, create and oversee projects.

At the first Steering Committee meeting, the following POWER Mission was established:

To explore and evaluate the highest good collection, recycling and use of perishable organics and make recommendations for deployment of economically viable projects within a defined geographic area.

To learn more about POWER, view prior meeting notes and download presenter PPT presentations, visit the POWER page of the Elemental Impact website.

We are on an important journey of redefining the highest good uses for perishable organics. If you would like to join the journey or keep informed of our adventures, please send your contact information to Holly Elmore at to be included on the POWER distribution list.

Remember we are just beginning … Stay Tuned for Important Action Alerts!

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