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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chase Donates Trucks to Food Bank

Amazing ~ in these challenging economic times Chase donated new trucks to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Read on to learn how the ACFB may now increase their impact on both diverting organics to the hungry from landfills and feeding the hungry ...

At a time when more families in metro Atlanta face the threat of going hungry, the Atlanta Community Food Bank announced that Chase has donated three new, clean fuel-burning, refrigerated food delivery trucks. The donation will increase the Food Bank’s ability to collect donated product and distribute food to its more than 700 partner agencies in 38 counties serving those in need. In addition, Chase has donated funds to help with the operation of these trucks for the first year.

After one year, we expect to have expanded our service of picking up product at our retail partner locations to approximately 416,000 pounds per year. In addition, we expect to increase distribution in the same year time frame to 658,000 more pounds per year.

"After closing out our fiscal year in June, we now know that we had a record year in distribution,” said Bill Bolling, executive director of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. “Demand was up 33 percent over last fiscal year and we distributed over 25 million pounds of food compared to the 23 million pounds we distributed last year. These three new vehicles in our fleet will boost our efforts significantly and help us reach more of our neighbors in need. We are deeply grateful to Chase for this generous donation."


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