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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chris Moyer joins the Ei Team

Chris & Holly 
With the collaboration of the National Restaurant AssociationElemental Impact and ZWZ official, Chris Moyer,NRA Conserve Program Director, joins the Ei Team as Foodservice Industry Advisor.  Along with amazing enthusiasm, Chris brings 14 years of foodservice and hospitality industry experience to Ei.  Check out his impressive bio on the NRA Speaker Bureau.

Ei projects, including the ZWZ program, are staged to catapult to new dimensions with Chris in a leadership role.  Supported by the NRA's vast resources, Chris plans to work with the Team on bringing more depth to existing Ei programs along with developing new collaborative initiatives. 

One to jump in with both feet, usually adorned in bright green sneakers, Chris is co-chair of the Sustainable Food Court Initiative, an Elemental Impact Task Force. 

Welcome Chris!

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