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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bold & Audacious: Sarah Elizabeth Ippel

As the creator of the Academy for Global Citizenship, a Chicago Public Charter School under Mayor Richard Daley's Renaissance 2010 initiative, Sarah Elizabeth Ippel walked a bold and audacious path to secure the Chicago Board of Education approval.  The school's mission is to empower students to positively impact the community and world beyond. In pursuit of this mission, AGC is committed to:
  • serving the whole child
  • modeling academic excellence
  • developing inquirers
  • cultivating international awareness
  • fostering environmental stewardship
  • facilitating collaboration within the community
While studying philosophy in Cambridge, England, Sarah Elizabeth began her sojourn to understand global educational philosophies and world languages that took her to 77 countries across six continents.  It became apparent our nation's school system is broken and in need of a major overhaul to a program that teaches students to thrive, rather than survive. 

At 23 years old, Sarah Elizabeth submitted her first proposal to the Chicago Board of Education for AGC to a firm NO along with some laughs from board members.  The third proposal was the charm and AGC received the big YES on October 24, 2007.  AGC welcomed their inaugural kindergarten and first grade students in August, 2008.  One grade per year will be added until 8th grade is reached in  2015 -2016.

With 80% of the students from impoverished households, AGC serves 100% organic breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack each day.  In addition to nurturing the body with healthy food and the  mind with innovative education, the spirit is energized at 4:00 p.m. with a yoga practice.  AGC curriculum is rigorous and students receive 36% more educational time annually including biliteracy development for all students.  Each graduating student will experience an international field trip.

Sarah Elizabeth's makes no little plans, aims high and embraces audacious thinking.  The time is NOW to address our nation's and world's urgent demand for change.  It takes courage and tenacity to bring visions to reality - Sarah Elizabeth Ippel is Bold, Audacious, Courageous and an Amazing individual.  To learn first hand about this incredible woman, watch her TED Video, This is Ann.

Elemental Impact is honored to name Sarah Elizabeth Ippel the March, 2011 IMPACTOR.

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