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Saturday, May 7, 2011

GRA Hosts Sustainability Meeting

On April 27 Radial Cafe hosted the Georgia Restaurant Association's Bi-Annual Sustainability Meeting to an enthusiastic audience.  Chris Coan with Gas South and Chair of the GRA Sustainability Committee gave an update on the GRA's green initiatives along with an overview of a recent case study.

Chris Coan,
the fearless leader!
The agenda was fantastic with many quick presentations by Georgia Organics, the Sustainability Division of the GA DNR. City of Atlanta Watershed, Georgia Green Loans and Elemental Impact|Zero Waste Zones.

Jeff Foote, The Coca-Cola Company Director of Customer Sustainability and keynote speaker, gave a lively, fun and informative presentation on water conservation.  Complete with an array of props, Jeff entertained as he educated on how seemingly small efforts result in amazing water savings, which translate into $$$ savings.

Roy Edwards of the
Sustainability Division  
Radial Cafe owner Frank Bragg closed the meeting with an impressive talk about their sustainability commitment, both from an environmental and local food standpoint,
 and gave a back-of-the-house tour.

With the GRA's Green Foodservice Alliance the original home of the Zero Waste Zones, the meeting was like a homecoming reunion with the folks who helped build the foundation for Elemental Impact.

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