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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sheraton Atlanta POWERS New Energy & Identity

Built in the 1960's as Atlanta's first large convention hotel, the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta exhibits the wisdom that comes with a long history.  With more than $70 million invested on Atlanta’s flagship Sheraton property during the past seven years, the Sheraton Atlanta is powering a revival from an unpretentious, traditional property into a stylishly designed hotel with a new energy and identity.

New energy takes many forms including the latest enhancement to their environmental commitment: Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs)!  The Sheraton is the first Atlanta hotel to install EV charging stations, which are complimentary to guests using the parking garage.

We are tremendously excited to be offering this resource to our guests,” said Niles Harris, General Manager of the Sheraton Atlanta. “It is our hope that these stations will attract energy-conscious patrons and showcase our progressive efforts towards sustainability.”

The idea was originally proposed by Mo Babalola, Director of Parking Operations for the Sheraton Atlanta, as a way to communicate to guests that the Sheraton Atlanta is a responsible advocate of green initiatives, and to provide a practical option for guests that drive electric vehicles. For additional information on the EV charging program, read the Sheraton's August, 2011 press release, Sheraton Atlanta Provides Charging Stations for Electrical Vehicles.

As a Charter Zero Wastes Zones Participant, the Sheraton Atlanta exemplifies the pioneering spirit typical of program participants with enthusiasm extending well beyond material diversion from landfills.  Astute business operators, ZWZ Participants develop green programs within their operations that make solid business sense.

When the South Carolina Hospitality Association brought a group to Atlanta on August 16 & 17 to learn about  ZWZ success, the Sheraton served as the host hotel.  Visit the ZWZ Blog post, ATL Zero Waste Team Hosts SC Hospitality Group, for details on the tour.

One of the most green-friendly hotels in downtown Atlanta, the Sheraton employs unique initiatives throughout the property. These initiatives include a laundry water recycling system that saves 375,000 gallons of drinking water each month, low energy lighting in all permanent light fixtures, food waste composting program, a $700,000 hotel-wide water heating system that increases previous efficiency by more than 50%, and a saline injection system that cleans the swimming pool naturally, without utilizing harmful chemicals. Visit their Greenest Hotel in Atlanta article excerpt for additional behind-the-scenes eco-friendly practices.

Always looking for ways to help the environment and be proactive in its environmental tactics, the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta is a true leader in evolving hotel operating practices.  Thank you Niles Harris for inspiring your hotel team, and the community, to integrate sustainability into the business model foundation.

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