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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ei Sponsors Renew AND Upgrade

Not only do they renew, Elemental Impact Sponsors upgrade their level for the next year of active participation. 

With their post-consumer organics collection programs in Columbus, OH and Atlanta ready to launch, Viridiun upgraded from Silver to Gold Sponsorship.  Viridiun is focused on creating, implementing and executing sustainable recycling processes supported by rigorous process control and stringent compliance management.

Tomra NA upgraded their Silver sponsorship to Gold to officially join the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team.  Working in tandem with HMSHost, Tomra's balers are an excellent vehicle for the tremendous milk jug volume generated at airport concession operations to be sold as a commodity, rather than taking space in landfills. Stay tuned for a future ZWZ Blog post on the HMSHost milk jug initiative.

A leader in recycling bin manufacturing, CleanRiver is a valuable partner in the SFCI and Zero Waste Zones programs.  Always willing to share their expertise, CleanRiver is developing strong relationships with other Ei sponsors and SFCI Team members.  CleanRiver upgraded their Silver sponsorship to Gold midstream to make their SFCI Team status official.

Active participation is a common element among the Ei family of sponsors.  To learn about Ei sponsorship program visit the Sponsorship page or contact Holly directly at 404-261-4690 or via e-mail.

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