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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ei Sponsor Program Evolves to Partner Program

In unison with the two-year anniversary, the Elemental Impact Sponsor Program evolves into a Partner Program.  Active participation along with sharing of resources, defined as funds, time and expertise, is powerful value Partners bring to Ei's important work.  The IMPACT Blog post, Happy, Happy Birthday Ei!, gives a recap of the amazing progress in two short years.

Ei Partners working together on
a plastic film recycling program
In a mid January conversation with Steve Davies of NatureWorks, a Founding Ei Partner, and Scott Seydel, Ei Chair, it was apparent Ei outgrew the sponsor program and evolved into a partner program. With only one annual membership meeting, Partners join Ei to participate on teams and committees dedicated to ACTION.  By sharing their expertise, Ei Partners create relationships with prospective clients that many times develop into profitable business interaction.

The Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team is a perfect example of national experts working together to create and define emerging operating practices for the foodservice industry.  Well-represented from private enterprise - industry suppliers and foodservice operators, non-profits, trade associations and government, the SFCI Team brings clarity to the confusion present as new practices are developed.  The Zero Waste in ACTION Blog post, SFCI Quarterly Update, gives a recent status update.

Ei welcomes two new partners who are the first to join under the redefined program.  

Heritage Bags joined in late January and is active on the SFCI Atlanta Airport Pilot ACTION Team and the Front-of-the-House Recycling Center Committee.  Randy Holmes, Heritage Bags Director of Marketing, brings a wealth of information on recycling center logistics, working with contracted janitorial services and the important role bin liners play in effective recycling and organics collection programs.  Here is the short intro to Heritage Bags:

Heritage Bag Company is a can liner, food bag and specialty bag manufacturer that was one of the first to manufacture a certified D6400 compostable liner. Our six plants across the country reduce the transportation carbon footprint and allow us to provide a cost savings at the same time.
In February, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions joined the Ei Partner program via a referral by Zero Waste Zones Participant the GA World Congress Center Authority.  The first "R" REDUCE is integral to Filta's business model with their mobile fryer oil cleaning systems.  Local owner John Lopez intends to join GREASE - Grease Recycling & Energy Alternative Solutions for the Environment - as well serve on SFCI committees.  Here is the short intro to Filta:
Filta services include: FiltaFry - an eco-friendly, mobile onsite micro-filtration of cooking oil service. FiltaCool - provides a cost-effective and ecofriendly solution to businesses that need to control the moisture levels of their refrigeration units/walk-in coolers.
Visit the Ei Partnership page to learn more about WHY and HOW to join the program and participate in the ACTION.  For additional information, contact Ei founder Holly Elmore.

Thank you to the loyal Ei Sponsors who created the vibrant scenario for the Partner program to  emerge!  Welcome to Heritage Bags and Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions to the new program.

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