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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Powerful Cyberspace Voice : A Creation Guide

a powerful industry voice
Yesterday The IMPACT Blog surpassed the 25,000 pageviews milestone - an amazing accomplishment, considering the limited number of posts.  With its sister blog Zero Waste in ACTION at 81,000+ pageviews, Elemental Impact achieved a 100,000+ cyberspace reach.

Niche in nature, the two blogs generate industry-specific readership often research oriented.  Most posts are longer than recommended blog copy yet Ei readers search for in-depth information. Escalating pageview rhythm supports the writing style, in general augmented by an Ei FB album.

Search engine optimization is essential for creating a powerful cyberspace voice. Here are some loose rules to establishing strong search engine optimization without paying hefty fees to a social media marketing firm:

Rule #1: post and update often on all internet mediums, which requires discipline and dedication. 
Rule #2: use "searched words"in each post e.g. food waste versus politically correct food scrap or food residual. 
Rule #3: create a presence on the myriad of cyberspace vehicles: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others. 
Rule #4: share pertinent information interesting to your audience. 
Rule #5: promote visually using photos and videos.
Rule #6: be a renegade, share your passion and let go of what others say "should or should not be done."

Remember cyberspace network building is a frontier. Grounded in common sense and street smarts, the pioneer who is willing to invest in their message with the plethora of communication tools available is staged for success.

In the ZWA Blog post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport, the WE Conciousness was introduced as integral to zero waste success. Ei's cyberspace journey is grounded in the WE, a multi-dimensional focus. Committed to building a tremendous communication network, Ei Partners share each others' achievements and messages within the network. Ei serves as the network hub. 

A powerful cyberspace voice is grounded in community support - find or create a community to support AND who will share your messages and activities. Others will share your message when they witness you sharing theirs. Retweet and favorite often on Twitter, like and contribute to LinkedIN discussions, like, comment & share FB posts and follow & repin on Pinterest. Cyberspace network building is similar to a game - play well together!

Hmm.... how many times was "grounded" used in the copy?  Not a coincident as "grounding" the etheric nature of the cyberspace world is key to success. Part of "grounding" is addressing the economic value of a potent cyberspace network. How does a 100,000+ reach "ground' into revenue?

Ei is honored to behold a powerful voice. It took tremendous effort to document Ei action in the almost 350 blog posts, nearly 70 Ei FB albums and 12 Pinterest Boards with over 200 "pins"  A fun anecdote: the initial pageview escalation occurred when fewer, yet more powerful, posts were published. Other noted increases were synchronous with the following:
  1. initiating LinkedIN discussions, responding to every comment
  2. creating an active Twitter presence
  3. establishing a Pinterest board system for blog posts by category boards     
Follow the analytics to understand how your audience responds with visits and pageviews. Note Ei has a limited Pinterest following yet the board creation enhanced search engine optimization. Readership rewards are often indirect in nature.

Before embarking on creating a cyberspace voice, do an internal checklist of the benefits and make sure it is cost | revenue justified. The effort resembles marathon endurance, a consistent commitment from the heart is necessary for success.

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone, Holly, and thanks for the great post. Establishing a web presence is hard work, but it's good to see the investment does pay dividends.