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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Atlanta Sustainability Leaders Recognized

The Atlanta Business Chronicle published their inaugural Who's Who in Sustainability list on the 2013 Summer Solstice. Inherent within the publication is recognition of the important role sustainability plays in corporate, community and personal economic vitality. In the opening copy, the ABC states their commitment to including a broad spectrum of leaders:
In this section we highlight 50 men and women who are making strides in sustainability throughout metro Atlanta, including those working in the nonprofit, government, business, education and public-private partnership sectors.
It is important for main stream media, especially business-oriented outlets, to place sustainability among their top-tier topics. Astute business leaders know sustainability is integral to successful business practices. Beyond bottom line improvement, sustainable operating practices are often demanded by their customers and employees.

Holly & Laura
Photo courtesy of Leonardo Ruscitto
In addition to Elemental Impact founder Holly Elmore's listing, Ei relationships are intertwined among many of the featured leaders. Ei Environmental Adviser Laura Turner Seydel is listed for her work as the Captain Planet Foundation Chair along with co-founding Mothers & Others for Clean Air and the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.  

Laura's prominent role in Atlanta's sustainability platform underlies several additional listings: Judy Adler & Michael Finley - The Turner Foundation and Sally Bethea - Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. In addition, Laura along with her husband Rutherford Seydel - eldest son of Ei Chair Scott Seydel - work closely with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and City of Atlanta director of sustainability Denise Quarles on the City's Power to Change program, a pathway for the Mayor's goal to make Atlanta a top-tier city for sustainability.

Sharon Douglas, Michael & Kyle Mastin
accepting 2012 ABC Enpact Award 
Atlanta is home to two of the three Sustainable Food Court Initiative Pilots - SFCI Atlanta Airport and SFCI Georgia Dome - and the leadership for each pilot is included in the list. Michael Cheyne, Atlanta Airport director of asset management and sustainability, was the driving force for the Atlanta Airport's groundbreaking compostable packaging concessionaire contract provision. The Zero Waste in ACTION Blog post, Atlanta Airport Makes Bold Sustainable Statement, announces the contract provision. For an SFCI Atlanta Airport Pilot update, read the ZWA Blog post, SFCI Atlanta Airport: ACTION Update.

Holly & Tim during a  GA Dome tour.
photo courtesy of Susan Montgomery
Tim Trefzer, Georgia World Congress Center Authority director of sustainability, is recognized for his stellar performance as chair of the 2013 Atlanta Final Four sustainability committee; the Georgia Dome hosted the games that brought over 100,000 fans to downtown Atlanta for games, concerts and events. To learn about the committee's success under Tim's leadership, read the ZWA Blog post, Final Four green footprints continue after the games.

Ei's close bond with Suzanne Burnes, Sustainable Atlanta executive director, is grounded in the Zero Waste Zones' early days when Suzanne was Georgia DNR Department of Sustainability assistant director. As an Ei Strategic Ally, Sustainable Atlanta serves on the Atlanta-based SFCI Pilot Teams and is integral to several soon-to-be announced food waste and recycling initiatives.

The maize of intertwining relationships among Atlanta's sustainability leadership exemplifies the WE Consciousness necessary for success is alive and healthy in our grand city.

Note: The WE Consciousness is introduced in the ZWA Blog post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport

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