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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Integrity Matters: EcoLogic Solutions staged to evolve industry cleaning standards

Earlier this year Elemental Impact Partner EcoLogic Solutions (ELS) received the first Green Seal GS-53 certification for a sanitizer| | disinfectant! Specifically,the certification pertains to ELS SANeWater. According to independent testing, SANeWater is more than 99-percent water, non-toxic to humans and aquatic life, and is effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

Before Energy Star, before LEED, and before “green” became a marketing buzzword, there was Green Seal -- America’s first independent, third-party certifier of sustainable products and services. The 25-year-old non-profit works with leaders among product manufacturers, service providers, hotels and restaurants to help them be more sustainable, earn certification and|or institute green purchasing.

By rewarding industry leaders Green Seal successfully reduced the use of toxins and dangerous chemicals and preserved natural resources. For example, recognizing that asthma is the leading cause of absenteeism in schools according to the Center for Disease Control, Green Seal led the drive to eliminate asthmagens use in cleaning products as the first ecolabeling program to prohibit them. 

Green Seal is proud to recognize EcoLogic Solutions for the leadership it has demonstrated in achieving certification for the SANeWater product,” said Arthur Weissman, President & CEO of Green Seal. “Not only does this product derive from an innovative production process, but it is also the first in this category to be certified under our specialty cleaning products standard.”

At the foundation of the ELS’s "green cleaning solutions" is their ECA (Electrical Chemical Activation) technology. In layman's terms, ECA takes tap water, adds salt, and then passes the brine solution through low-dose electrolyzing chambers that split the liquid into a sodium hydroxide formula (eWater) for all-purpose cleaning and a hypochlorous acid mixture (SANeWater) for sanitizing and disinfecting.

Anselm @ ELS NRA Show booth
ELS Founder & CEO Anselm Doering plays a leadership role in the Ei Water Use | Toxicity Platform. The Green Seal certification adds another third party validation to ELS products along with qualifying points to facilities applying for or renewing LEED certification. 

In the ELS  press release, Anselm sums up the Green Seal Certification profound industry impact:
We are beyond thrilled, and deeply proud, to bring the first ever GS-53 Green Seal-certified sanitizer/disinfectant to market. SANeWater is a game-changer, and Green Seal is the gold standard in our industry. Together, we’re letting commercial users know there’s a new, non-toxic option to effectively sanitize and disinfect operations.”
The prominent Green Seal certification is another accolade in ELS's well-earned recognition for their outstanding technology and products. In April 2012 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored ELS for their achievements in protecting the public health and environment at the annual Environmental Quality Awards. The IMPACT Blog article, EcoLogic Solutions receives EPA Award, gives details of the prestigious honor.

Last November, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC) named  ELS 2013 Green Business of the Year. The MCC selects an annual “Green Business of the Year” from more than 100,000 companies that do business in Manhattan. .

one of two McCormick Place's
two ELS system installations
In addition to industry honors, awards and certifications, the ELS ECA system is the cleaning solution for a plethora of prominent organizations, including Whole Foods  Markets, Amtrak, and the Statue of Liberty. In time for the 2014 National Restaurant Association Show in May, McCormick Place - nation's largest convention center - installed two ELS systems to service their central dishwashers along with producing sanitizer | disinfectant and all-purpose cleaner.

At the Show, Ei founder Holly Elmore and Cerise Bridges with Grean Seal were treated to a back-of-the-house tour of the ELS system installation - impressive! The IMPACT Blog article, 2014 NRA Show: a powerful, magical event, includes a feature on the tour along with the ELS booth. The Ei FB album, 2014 NRA Show, is a pictorial recap of the NRA Show from Ei's perspective with a section dedicated to the ELS tour.

SANeWater containers
 ready for donation
A long-time partner, ELS hosted the New York City Ei Partner Tours in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. In true humanitarian spirit, ELS donated more than 20,000 gallons of SANeWater to New York area businesses and homes impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The IMPACT Blog article, NYC Ei Partner Tours, gives an overview of the NYC tours with details on ELS' operations.

Simplicity often unlocks solutions to complicated scenarios. ELS provides a simple solution - water + salt + electrical charge - to eliminate toxic cleaning agents harmful in a holographic manner. 

ELS is ingrained with keys for success: superb technology & product, an uncompromising work ethic and integrity of spirit. Ei is honored to work with ELS on evolving industrial cleaning practices. ELS success equates into a cleaner environment, improved bottom lines and community outreach by an organization committed to humanity.

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