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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ei Blogs Top 250K Combined Pageviews

On February 21, 2015 the Elemental Impact (Ei) blogs - Zero Waste in ACTION (ZWA) and The IMPACT - surpassed the monumental 250,000 pageviews landmark! Mere days earlier the ZWA Blog topped 185K pageviews while The IMPACT is nearing 65K pageviews.

In February 2013, the ZWA Blog article, ZWA Blog Hits 75,000 Pageviews!, celebrates the milestone with examples of the valuable role LinkedIN plays in developing long-term, substantial relationships. 

When the ZWA Blog surpassed 100K pagviews in July 2013, the ZWA Blog article, ZWA Blog: A Powerful Industry Resource & Voice, chronicled Ei's evolution from a zero waste cheerleader to current work in Recycling Refinement, moving beyond landfill diversion. Below is an excerpt from the article:
Authored by Ei, the ZWA Blog articles document the evolution of zero waste from concept to emerging industry standard, tell the story of zero waste pioneers and warriors who shifted paradigms in materials management, and shine light on fallacies within accepted recycling practices. 
Screen shot of milestone
On February 05, 2014, The IMPACT Blog reached the 50K pageviews benchmark; The IMPACT Blog article, Ei Blogs Attract Strong Global Readership, announces the milestone and lists blog achievements over the years. Articles on The IMPACT chronicle Ei industry activities, summarize Ei's evolution and document Ei's work in realms other than Recycling Refinement.

For example, Ei 2014: A Year of Evolution is an in-depth synopsis of work within the three Ei platforms: Product Stewardship, Recycling Refinement and Water Use | Toxicity. In addition, the article is an overview of the powerful 2014 Annual Ei Partner Meeting.

In 2013, the Ei Blogs evolved to on-line magazines as most posts are in-depth articles with readership continuing long after publication. For the ZWA Blog, the all-time most popular articles are:
Perry Kranias w/ HMSHost in
most popular blog article
Until recently, the Reduce, Donate, Compost article remained the most popular current article with strong, consistent readership.

For The IMPACT Blog, the following articles are the all-time most popular articles:
With a total of 314 blog articles, the ZWA Blog to date plays the leading role in creating Ei's powerful cyberspace voice. Over the past year, the average pageviews per article increased from 475 to 600 while the number of annual articles published decreased. In 2012, the ZWA Blog published 73 new articles, in 2013 31 articles and a further decline to 22 articles in 2014.

This post marks the 119th article published on The IMPACT Blog. Over the past year the average per article pageviews increased from 475 to 550 pagviews; the annual number of published articles remained relatively consistent over the past three years at a rate of +|- 12 articles.

EPA Charlotte Grant panel
@ 2014 USZWBC Conference
A common ground among the blogs is the global readership: roughly 60% of the readership for both blogs is from the United States. The remaining 40% of the readers are scattered throughout the globe. Ei Blog readership is predominately from the PC world with 74% logging into articles from Windows, 13% from MAC operating systems, and a smattering of other sources with minimal cell phone access.

For the ZWA Blog, Google is the main referral source followed by the blog itself, FB and Twitter (via On The IMPACT Blog, referrals are predominantly from the blog with negligible Google referrals. Per the analytics, it appears direct site visits are the predominant traffic source on both blogs.

A strong cyberspace presence requires collaborative effort. In addition to engaging the various tools available, working in tandem with Ei PartnersSupporters and Strategic Allies is essential to driving traffic.

In April 2013 The IMPACT Blog article, A Powerful Cyberspace Voice: A Creation Guide, was published in celebration of achieving the combined 100K pageviews milestone. The Guide gives Six Rules to follow with final one the most important: be a renegade, share your passion and let go of what others say "should or should not be done."

Ei is the the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC) Media Partner for their annual Conference and beyond. The USZWBC understands the value of Ei's powerful cyberpace network and the benefits it brings to their organization. Recent USZWBC ZWA Blog articles include 2015 Zero Waste Conference: A Star-Studded Event and Third Party Certifications Edge Industry Towards Zero Waste Economy.

EPA Grant time after Knights mtg
As a sub-grantee under the EPA Region 4 Scaling Up Composting in Charlotte, NC to GreenBlue's Sustainable Packaging Coalition, one of Ei's responsibilities is to document the successes under the two-year grant. The Ei Charlotte Visits page details the grant work along with supporting ZWA Blog articles; Charlotte: A Land of Opportunities documents the early February Charlotte Grant Team visit.

Another powerful industry resource are the 125 plus Ei FB Albums documenting Ei's powerful journey. Most albums support a particular blog article and provide the pictorial recap of the event, meeting or tour. There are several comprehensive albums that document work-in-progress on an Ei initiative; later these albums will support a case study or formal replication template. The Source-Separated Materials Recycling Template: building a city-wide network album chronicles the multi-year S-SMRT efforts and substantiates a common Ei phrase "If it was easy, it would already be done."

1st mini-bales delivery to Atlanta
Penitentiary for re-baling into std size bales
Sustainability in ACTION - Ei's tagline - is well documented on the Ei website. Within the pages, the relevant blog articles and albums are listed to provide detailed information on Ei's important work. The site is kept current with activities generally documented within days of completion.

Ei founder Holly Elmore - author of the blogs, website and the "Ei Voice" - has an impressive personal cyberspace following that she often uses for Ei benefit.

Mainstream public relations firms recognize the Ei Blogs as valuable media outlets. In mid 2014 Holly began receiving invitations to interview prominent individuals along with press releases targeted at journalists.

The Ei Blogs are integral to the Ei Mission statement:
To work with industry leaders to create best operating practices where the entire value-chain benefits, including corporate bottom lines and the environment. Through education and collaboration, establish the best practices as standard practices.
Documentation and sharing of industry leader success is integral to establishing "best practices as standard practices."  It requires perseverance, tenacity and creativity to publish articles that warrant strong readership on a continual basis.

Well established and impeccably documented, the Ei journey is gaining momentum and making significant impact on evolving status quo | "business as usual."  Stay tuned as the fun is merely beginning ....

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