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Monday, November 30, 2015

Alternative Energy: embracing the creative spirit!

National Geographic Channel invited The IMPACT Blog to join a virtual discussion on the exciting progress in the field of alternative energy. This conversation ties into the upcoming new episode, "Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge" premiering Sunday, December 6, at 9 pm ET on the National Geographic Channel.

The discussion is centered on the following question:
Do you think that by tapping into the new alternative energy sources we can reverse most of the damage we have done to our environment?
As the Zero Waste in ACTION (ZWA) Blog was also invited to join the discussion, Elemental Impact used a point-counterpoint approach to answering the question on alternative energy.

After watching the excellent documentary on alternative energy or "new ways to spin the wheel", Ei was most impressed with the tremendous strides in energy technology along with the significant investments in pilot programs.

energy with tornado & lighening
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The ZWA Blog article, Alternative Energy: creating solutions or potential disasters?, addressed the long-term implications of technologies developed within an "energy tunnel" without regard for their far-reaching implications.

For the counterpoint, The IMPACT Blog article celebrates the creative spirit!

As documented in the ZWA Blog article, Ei is not optimistic regarding the featured alternative energy resources. Yet the creative spirit enveloped within the research will eventually discover a mosaic of solutions designed to reverse the damage inflicted upon the environment.

Louis w/ his AVG
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Louis Michaud, a retired ExxonMobil engineer, set out to harness the tremendous energy in a tornado's vortex. Rather than chase dangerous tornadoes, Louis built his first tornado simulator, the Atmospheric Vortex Generator (AVG), in his garage. The AVG came to life at Lambton College via grant funding. Unfortunately, the AVG scaled for regional power generation would cost an estimated $1 billion.

The documentary theme "new ways to spin the wheels" refers to the generation of electricity by spinning wheels between two magnets. As the documentary nears closing the host states "it is up to everyone to keep the wheels spinning."

... but are wheels necessary for the next generation of alternative energy? To date, the focus is on energy generation; Louis was the sole genius understanding energy exists in nature and set out to harness the electricity at a tornado vortex. Yet Louis fell into the practicality of generating versus harnessing electricity.

Fossil fuels are the remnants from past civilizations, whether in the plant, animal or human kingdoms. Could it be we are merely cleansing the Earth of its past so we may move into another life dimension? Fossil fuels must be burned to "spin the wheels" to generate electricity. With the depletion of fossil fuels, the Earth is freed of "waste from past life" and ready to embrace cleaner, evolved life.

Natural electricity is prevalent in everyday phenomena from tornadoes, thunder storms, electromagnetic fields and the human body.

Is it time to break patterns and understand life as we know it must change for humanity to survive on the Earth? Soon the creative spirit will embrace those shifting their focus to harnessing energy, versus generating electricty. By its pure nature, harnessed energy is clean energy, without the by-products of electricity generation.

clear crystal quartz
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Remember clear crystal quartz (silicone dioxide) conducts energy and can be programmed. A Universal Law is "like energy attracts like energy." Harnessing energy may be as simple as identifying Dragon Lines (similar to the Lei Lines, the electromagnetic fields integral to maintaining the Earth's polarity balance), determining their vibration rate, tuning a crystal quartz to the same vibration rate, and collecting the raw energy directly from the Dragon Line. The challenge is diffusing the powerful energy into a useful state.

Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge ends with a profound statement:

We must explore our limits of imagination; find new ways to tap energy all around us.

hmmm.... sounds similar to harnessing energy!

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