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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The New Green World Order

With his passionate commitment to reusable cups in the public and private sectors, Aaron Williams is a man on a mission with seemingly endless energy.

Motivated by the extrapolated facts that an 85 person office uses approximately 42,000 cups per year, based on the average of two cups used per day per employee for coffee, Aaron Williams is moving into ACTION.   With a solid reusable cup manufacturer, Aaron offers recyclable reusable cups made from recycled material for bulk purchase of less than $5.00 per cup.

Companies spend  up-front dollars on cup purchases and back end costs on disposal.  Based on the above 42,000 cups, the 85 person company spends approximately $1,260 per year to purchase polystyrene cups, based on $.03 per cup cost.  If the company eliminates disposable cups and gives each employee a reusable cup at $5.00 each ($425), the company has a net annual savings of $825, without considering the reduction in waste hauling charges.  It makes good business sense to implement a reusable cup system in the office.

Happy City of St. Peters employees with donated  cups
To make his point,  Aaron personally donated 175 reusable cups to the City of St. Peters last month for their 55 employees at the Recycling Center and 125 person police force.  Future posts will report on the cost-savings and employee morale building as result of Aaron's generous donation.

Wow ~ check out Aaron's clever and informative video, The New Green Order, at this link.

While still running his for-profit business, Aaron dedicates his spare time to educating the corporate community on the importance of implementing a reusable cup program, from cost-saving and environmental vantage points.  Aaron's next step is to ground his enthusiasm in a website where reusable cups may be purchased in bulk on-line along with informative content.

Join Elemental Impact in honoring Aaron Williams for his heroic deeds that make the Earth a better place to live.  Aaron Williams is the November IMPACTOR.  You may reach Aaron at

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