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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ties that Matter

Laura with TTM handbag
Laura Martin, founder of Ties that Matter, is an inspirational artist who amazes with the magnitude and depth of her artwork. Beyond the canvas and brush, Laura is an accomplished seamstress. an amazing gardener, phenomenal chef and renown author on a wide array of subjects.

Ties that Matter is Laura's grounded vision of using old ties to make beautiful products while providing for-pay work to unemployed women, many refugees. Using her innate creativity, Laura built a company dedicated to helping women rebuild their torn apart lives by sewing together repurposed material, including old ties, to make usable, sellable artwork in the form of pocket books, bags, pillows and more.

The community may support Ties that Matter by organizing tie donation campaigns AND purchasing the artwork as gifts or for personal use. Visit the easy to navigate Ties that Matter website to learn how you may support this important venture.

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