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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ei Welcomes New Advisory Council Members

Elemental Impact welcomes two new Advisory Council Members:  Scott DeFifeSenior. Executive Vice President of Government & Public Affairs at the National Restaurant Association, and Lynn Dyer, President of the Foodservice Packaging Institute.

With the Zero Waste Zones national expansion announcement planned by year end, Scott and Lynn's expertise and advice is invaluable in creating programs that make strong business sense for industry partners.

Scott DeFife
Scott DeFife
Scott provides tremendous Ei|ZWZ support through the NRA's partnership announced at the February ZWZ Two-Year Press Conference (see the blog post ZWZ Garners National Support for details).  With Chris Moyer, NRA Conserve Program Director, serving on the Ei|ZWZ Leadership Team and Co-Chair of the Sustainable Food Court Initiative, Scott is behind the scenes supporting Chris with advice, direction and enthusiasm for our important work.

Lynn Dyer
As an active Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team Member, Lynn shares her packaging expertise and connections as the Team creates systems to bring zero waste initiatives to food court operations.  Lynn's gift of practical approaches to complex scenarios is instrumental for action outcome during the project creation process.

Thank you Scott and Lynn for the honor of accepting the Ei Advisory Council positions.  Welcome!

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