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Saturday, July 9, 2011

NYC Commits to Green ACTION via Social Media

Congrats to New York City for taking a bold, important step on the green pathway!  Thursday, July 07 NYC  launched their social media site Change By Us - NYC to engage citizens in active participation on greening their grand city.  

The site is simple and ingenious.  According to the site, Change by Us NYC is a place to share ideas, create projects, discover resources, and make our city better.

New Yorkers now have a one-stop place to be heard on their creative ideas to improve the City's environmental impact AND to walk their talk with opportunities to participate in a variety of programs.

According to the NY Times blog post, A Green Network for New Yorkers
Change by Us NYC will help users raise money to start projects like community composting or creating a new open space. The city’s Department of Environmental Protection will use the site to identify and guide projects that could be eligible for a program that disburses millions of dollars in grants to beautify neighborhoods, reduce sewer overflow into New York Harbor and undertake other infrastructure projects, for example. 
Kudos to NYC for being a leader in using social media to ignite the green movement into co-creation and participation.  Let's hope other cities follow suit.

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