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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ei Welcomes New Sponsors

Welcome HMS Host and Hilex Poly to the Elemental Impact Sponsor Family!  Both new sponsors come with the most valuable attribute: ACTIVE PARTICIPATION.

HMSHost joined at the Gold Level and is an active member of the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team.  Due to  their deep sustainability commitment, HMSHost is serving in a foundation role for the two SFCI pilot projects set for fall announcement.  For both planned pilots, HMSHost holds the food court concessions contract.  It is inspirational to work with folks so enthusiastic to make a difference.

Hilex Poly joined at the Silver Level, with the intention of upgrading their sponsorship at a later date.  After attending his first POWER meeting this spring, Louis Herrera with Hilex Poly has played a vital role in creating pilots designed to capture plastic film from its current landfill destination and into recycling programs.

Louis explaining
contamination on plastic film
To learn about the retail sector's significant increase in clear, virgin plastic usage for shipping, read the ZWZ Blog post, Simon Property Group Embraces Zero Waste Initiatives.  Within weeks of the Simon June meeting, Ei & Hilex Poly coordinated a tour of their North Vernon plastic film recycling plant with the Simon team.  Visit the ZWZ Blog post, Getting a Handle on Plastic Recycling, for a tour overview and the Ei FaceBook album, 07-01-11 Hilex Poly Tour, for a pictorial tour recap.

When recruiting Ei sponsors, prospective organizations learn Ei is as interested in their active participation as their financial support.  HMSHost and Hilex Poly are role model sponsors.  Welcome and THANK YOU!

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